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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9-4 just isn't good enough.

Photo: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

9-4 just isn't good enough. College Football News previews the Horns. [College Football News]

Don't toy with us, Phil. Texas will have one of the most improved defenses. [Phil Steele]

If you are bored at work, this is a great site. [Longhorn Storm]

Congrats to Kevin Durant. [USA Today]

Big 12

Kliff Kingsbury isn't slowing down. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

What is Kingsbury's suggestions for stopping his offense? [Blatant Homerism]

West Virginia has a well-stocked backfield. [Wheeling News-Register]

Baylor has a relatively easy non-conference schedule. [National Football Post]

There's a new book coming out on TCU football history. [Frogs O' War]

Open Range

Who are the best and worst CF coaches? [SI]

Spencer Hall has his own list of best and worst. [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

Current college athletes can join the O'Bannon vs. NCAA lawsuit. [SI]

Nebraska is pioneering new concussion tests. [Corn Nation]

Who gets the most bang for their recruiting buck? [Land-Grant Holy Land]

Should college auction football tickets? [Team Speed Kills]

A&M is financing their new stadium with taxable municipal-bond sales. [Bloomberg]

Aggies, prepare yourselves...Johnny Football is not the best QB in college football. [Dallas Morning News]

Which states tweet the most about college football? [SB Nation]

A Cleveland Browns fan is still disappointed, even in death. [CBS Sports]

Only Aggies would do this. How to have the dumbest themed wedding ever. [Alabama]

And finally...