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Texas Longhorns still the Joneses of merchandising sales

The demand for Texas merchandise has remained inelastic.

Texas is still popping bands
Texas is still popping bands
"Cash money (part two)" by Jeremy Yearse

As the Texas Longhorns now enter their fourth football season since appearing in the 2009 national championship game, there have been questions about whether the demand for Texas football would remain inelastic in the light of recent failures on the field. The release of the Collegiate Licensing Company's top sellers on Monday answered that question with a resounding negative, as the 'Horns topped the list for the eighth straight season.

There are only four major football programs that don't use CLC to represent their merchandizing interests, including schools in Ohio State, Michigan, and Oregon that could have similar sales to Texas, but even mighty Alabama can't match the clout of Texas in terms of sales.

In 2011-2012, Texas outpaced Michigan by close to $20 million dollars as the athletic department with the most revenue.

But ticket sales are down this season (and down every year since 2010) as a sign that there is some elasticity within the Texas fanbase. Given the general malaise afflicting Texas fans, the drop in sales hardly comes as surprise. With Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds entrenched in his Ivory Tower and seemingly unwilling to make changes throughout his department during his tenure, perhaps drops in the only thing that seems to get onto his radar -- profits -- could end up forcing him to rethink his stance on his incumbent coaches, especially head football coach Mack Brown.

If Longhorn fans really want to get rid of Brown, the best thing they can do is speak with their wallets. Or hope for chaos this season.

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