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Daily Round Up: Mack thinks Texas will be good this year!

Mack thinks Texas will be good this year!

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Erich Schlegel

Mack thinks Texas is going to be good this year! [Yahoo Sports]

Malcolm Brown has a lot to prove this season. [Daily Texan]

Mack Brown held a Town Hall meeting in DKR. [Youtube]

Big 12

When did Bob Stoops know that Trevor Knight was special? [NewsOK]

OSU freshman receiver Marcell Ateman is being compared to Dez Bryant. [NewsOK]

WVU has running backs, but do they know how to use them? [Football Study Hall]

LSU loves TCU, they really, really do. [And The Valley Shook]

So, you are telling us that the Pokes don't have SEC speed? [MedicalXPress]

Need some help understanding the Big 12 targeting rule? [Dallas Morning News]

Open Range

The Entertainment and Very Little Sports Network took a benign quote and made news where there is none. [Washington Post]

70% of college football coaches may utilize this formation. [Coaching Search]

The SEC has given the South something to be proud of. [NewsOK]

Is the SEC the best conference, or just top heavy? [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Great overview on the history of media rights. [NewsOK]

The concussion case against the NFL is reaching a key phase. [NY Times]

The Rolling Stone has a good profile piece on Aaron Hernandez. [Rolling Stone]

ESPN actually pays some guy to keep up with all college football uniform changes. [ESPN]

The Agricultural and Mechanical Department

ESTABLISHMENT OF UNIVERSITY; AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. The legislature shall as soon as practicable establish, organize and provide for the maintenance, support and direction of a University of the first class, to be located by a vote of the people of this State, and styled, "The University of Texas," for the promotion of literature, and the arts and sciences, including an Agricultural, and Mechanical department. - Texas Constitution

A Norman, OK car dealerships mocks Manziel.

Manziel is just a cash cow that must be milked. [Dallas Morning News]

It was Johnny Football's word against silence. [USA Today]

I'm Johnny Manziel and you're not. [The Nation]