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PREDICTATRON: New Mexico State

Got a good feel for the Horns this season? Prove it against your colleagues and become the Burnt Orange Nation's PREDICTATRON Champion.

Season kick off?  SEASON KICK OFF.

Holy crap, I'm excited.  Heading into the last two seasons, I was very interested in the team -- intellectually intrigued, you might say, but aware of the group's limitations.    (Okay, that's only half true. A year ago I wrote about how excited I was to watch a young squad develop and that 2013, with all its expectations, would be agonizing.  So it may just be that I'm excitable.  But who cares?  The 'why is mostly beside the point.)

But here we are: season kick off is upon us, and this Texas team -- at least on paper -- looks primed for big-time success.  With apologies for getting this up so late, it's also time to open up the 2013 PREDICTATRON contest, which will be a season-long predictions competition open to BON readers.  Here's how it will work:

We'll publish a PREDICTATRON question sheet prior to each of Texas' 12 regular season games for a season-long contest.  To give everyone a little wiggle room, and especially because this first week is going up so late, your season score will consist of your 10 highest scores, such that you can miss two weeks and still have a shot at the season crown.

The rules are simple: fill out the form each week, I'll tally everyone's 10 highest scores, and the reader with the most points wins.  The season champ will receive a nifty prize, and there may be weekly prizes, but that's to be determined.

One important note, and seriously, if you want to have a shot at winning this thing, this is important: pay attention to the instructions.  The only way to feasibly manage a large contest like this is if I can have answers filtered into a spreadsheet.  If by answering in the wrong format you force me to manually adjust your entries, this will be too time consuming to manage.  Therefore, the rule is simple: if you don't answer the question in the right format, you get 0 points.  If I ask how many points UT will score and instead of typing "49" for your answer you type "49 points," that answer will earn 0 points, since I won't be able to calculate your score with a formula unless I manually adjust your answer.  I don't have time for that.

Other than that, this is straight forward stuff.  In the embedded form below, enter your username and answer the questions.  And enjoy the return of football!

(If you have trouble with the embedded form below, you can also answer the questions by clicking HERE.)