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Texas Recovers From Slow Start, Rolls New Mexico State 56-7

The Longhorns trailed 7-0 in the 2nd quarter, before scoring 56 straight points to win going away.

Cooper Neill

Texas didn't look like the most experienced team in the country throughout most of a choppy, frustrating first half, but once the Longhorns finally broke through with a big play, they never stopped.

The play that opened things up for Texas may have been my favorite of the night, a crisp, on-target, and on-time throw from David Ash to big wideout John Harris, who snagged the spiral in stride and exploded by an off-balance cornerback, taking it the distance for a 54-yard score.  The Longhorns' very next offensive play went to Daje Johnson for a 66-yard touchdown, and by the time it was over, Texas had racked up a school-record 715 yards of total offense, with 5 touchdowns on plays of 38 yards or greater.

All in all? We probably didn't learn too much today. New Mexico State is a bad team, and while Texas' playmakers absolutely flashed the potential that's there this season, the team as a whole didn't dominate the Aggies for 60 minutes as they could have.  How much of the slow start is attributable to it being the first game of the season, and how much was reflective of this team's limitations is impossible to say.

For now, it's enough to say that they won, won big, and finished strong. As awkwardly as the team started the game, it was nice to see them close out the Aggies with authority.

What did you see tonight that you liked?  What has you concerned?

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