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Daily Round Up: It Is A Perfect Storm

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Joseph Walter, The 'Great Western' riding a tidal wave
Joseph Walter, The 'Great Western' riding a tidal wave
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

"Mack's fine," Dodds told the American-Statesman on Wednesday morning. "I know we didn't play well Saturday. Mack will know if he should be coaching (at Texas) or shouldn't be. I know this is my responsibility, and I'm not shying away from it. The bottom line is I'm for the kids and the coaches."

It's all about the kids, people.

And just how did that end, DeLoss? It is all a perfect storm. [AAS]

The Diaz demotion reeks of desperation. [Dallas Morning News]

More Mackovic than Mack. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Is this a Robinson reboot or retread? [Times Online]

The defense is in disarray. [Team Speed Kills]

Just when will Texas wake up and take back the state? [SI]

Mutiny at Bellmont! This is an idea.... [CBS Sports]

Ole Miss is looking for payback. [Yahoo Sports]

Red Cup Rebellion has started Hate Week Texas. [Red Cup Rebellion]

Leave them alone, Mack. It isn't nice to pick on the mentally challenged. And now Mack is picking on little brother. [SB Nation]

Big 12

There are recordings. Some of the former OSU players in the SI expose say they were misquoted. [NewsOK]

Up next for Poke misbehavior: Academics. [SI]

There was absolutely no impropriety under Les Miles at Oklahoma State. [Yahoo Sports]

Everyone's favorite "journalist" Thayer Evans makes friends wherever he goes. [SB Nation]

Sooner QB Trevor Knight's injury gave Bob Stoops an out. [NewsOK]

Oklahoma's defensive aggression has altered offenses play. [ESPN]

Open Range

SEC cheating? Say it isn't so. [Yahoo Sports] And they were stupid enough to discuss it in texts. [Yahoo Sports]

The legacy of Bear Bryant. [ESPN]

And finally...

Sorry, Aggies. This is probably one of the biggest games in your program's history and Big 12 stories have completely overshadowed your week.