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Daily Round Up: Hugh Freeze Is Very Afraid

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Ole MIss coach has not read Wescott's piece on the Greg Robinson promotion to defensive coordinator. [Clarion Ledger]

The Rebels want redemption. [Clarion Ledger]

Here's the way to stop Ole Miss' read option. [Clarion Ledger]

What else is happening in Mississippi this week? [Clarion Ledger]

The national media is turning on Mack Brown [Barking Carnival], but he just isn't feeling any pressure. [The Daily Texan]

There's absolutely no panic at all. [ESPN]

God help us all. Case McCoy is ready, in case we need him. [ESPN]

Greg Robinson's last good defense was in 2004. [NewsOK]

Is Hugh Freeze here for an audition? [Memphisport]

Another interview from former Longhorn LB Brian Jones on Sean Adam's show on 104.9 the Horn in Austin. H/T to BON reader dmart120 for the link. [ESPN Radio Austin]

Last weekend was so bad, The Daily Texan website crashed. At least they have tacos. [The Daily Texan]

Good grief. We are being compared to Lane Kiffin and USC. Can our lives get any worse? [ESPN Insider]

Big 12

SI's report on Oklahoma State was released and it's ugly. [SI]

Former players talk about grade fixing. [CBS Sports]

The local director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes was involved? [NewsOK]

This sweet looking lady paid players? Really? [NewsOK]

Is SI's credibility at stake? [Lost Lettermen]

Here's the only story about that other team in Oklahoma. You know, the ones normally doing all the cheating. [NewsOK]

TCU QB Casey Pachall will miss multiple games with an injury. [Merced Sun-Star]

Dana Holgorsen is changing the Mountaineer offense. [ESPN]

Playing in Lubbock is just weird, period. [Island Packet]

And finally...

We need something to laugh at this week.