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Get your guess on...

If you haven't participated in PREDICTATRON yet, it's not too late: your season score will consist of your 10 highest weekly scores, with your lowest 2 entries thrown out, so if you missed the first two weeks or didn't start very well, you're still very much capable of winning this thing.  Plus, as some of our points leaders from Week 1 can attest, scores can vary wildly from week to week. And that's by design...

Speaking of which, let's take a quick look at our post-BYU leaders.  For those outside the Top 20, you can check the FULL LEADERBOARD here.


Two quick notes on this week's questions.  First, as always, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS TO EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY. If you enter your answer in the wrong format (including spelling your username two different ways), that's extra work that I have to do to manage a huge amount of data, and I'm inclined to just give you 0 points if you can't be bothered to provide your answers in the requested format.  Second, note that there is a bonus question this week that will be worth 25 points at season's end. It may not be too late for those who missed the first two weeks, but you'll definitely want to make sure you participate this week to give yourself a shot at those 25 points.

Good luck with your guessing...