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Daily Round Up: The Master of Deflection

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Ronald Martinez

Mack is the master of deflection. [Sporting News]

10 wins probably won't save Brown. [Dallas Morning News]

The national media is already speculating on Brown's replacement. [Fox Sports]

"It was the second game. It's not over," Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat said. "The season is not over. We're on to the third one. We can't let one loss turn into two." [ESPN]

2.75 million is chump change for Bellmont. Key number to know: Brown’s contract can be bought out for $2.75 million, a much lower figure than this year’s annual salary ($5.3 million). [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Read more here:

Ole Miss and Texas are both great at recruiting. [ESPN]

When you inundated our fine city last year with your gaudy burnt orange apparel, your ridiculous cowboy hats, your second-rate actors and women, we smiled and politely offered you our cold chicken tenders and backup bourbon and pretended to enjoy your company. When you relegated our upcoming game to your irrelevant and fledgling Longhorn Network, thereby destroying the only incentive we had to schedule you in the first place (national exposure), we complained for a little while before ensuring we would still be able to watch the game.

But now you’ve gone too far. This we cannot abide, so let's get this straight right now: You do not shit the bed. WE shit the bed. Read that again. Repeat it. Tell it to your friends. We scoff at your pedestrian attempts at bed shitting. So you got blown out by BYU. Well bully for you. Now you think you get to run around whining, lamenting the fact it’s been eight years since your last national championship and predicting a loss Saturday and calling your program a dumpster fire, a bed-shitter? On behalf of legitimate bed-shitting programs everywhere: How dare you.

This has to be one of the funniest message board entries written. H/T TxStampede [The School Up North]

Big 12

This could be a credibility issue. Sports Illustrated never even contacted the OSU Associate Athletic Director for Academics about the story on academic fraud. [NewsOK]

Of the 12 former players who made allegations or admitted guilt to SI, nine either were kicked out of school for failed drug tests, dismissed from the program, transferred for playing time issues or quit. Of those, several had criminal records, the Daily O'Collegian and Tulsa World reported. SI did not mention those dismissals or arrests. -ESPN article on SI's OSU report

Since when does Thayer Evans writing have anything to do with the truth? [ESPN]

NewsOK analyzes those academic allegations. [NewsOK]

Oh. My. God. That never, ever happens anywhere else! Poke football players used marijuana! [NewsOK]

What does T. Boone Pickens think of all this? [NewsOK]

Iowa State is going back in time for their rival game with Iowa. [Sporting News]

So, are we to assume that Iowa fans just aren't that bright? [Wide Right Natty Lite]

Open Range

"Johnny Manziel, he's doing something I never thought was possible," said Barkley. "He's going to make me root for Alabama this weekend. I never thought I would say those words. I am so close to saying 'Roll Tide.' Johnny Manziel is annoying me so much. I'm really close to saying 'Roll Tide.'"

Johnny Manziel annoys Charles Barkley. [Sporting News]

They know when to lawyer up. Alabama and Manziel have one thing in common. [CBS Sports]

All the dirty business in college sports doesn't even shock us anymore [CBS Sports] and no one really cares. [Kansas City Star]

If only Mack Brown could fire reporters... [Deadspin] This is what  the media should do to Texas. [Deadspin]

Evans is the Kim Kardashian of journalism. Just knows how to market himself, without any discernible talent. An Auburn professor takes a good, hard look at Thayer Evans. [War Eagle Reader]

And finally...

Roll Tide. AJ McCarron is the anti-Johnny. [CBS Sports]