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Daily Round Up: We just need a new attitude.

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That will do it!

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The Horns attempt an attitude adjustment before the K-State game. [The Daily Texan]

Beating K-State is all that matters to Mack Brown. [ESPN]

Yes, everyone is laughing at our run defense. At least Brown still has his sense of humor. [ESPN]

Just fyi...We are on a five-game losing streak to Bill Snyder. [The Daily Texan]

How does the athletic department spend all those millions of dollars? [Business Insider]

Big 12

The Sports Illustrated hatchet job is finally over. [NewsOK]

The SI piece was based more on perception than truth. [NewsOK]

The Tech receivers were instrumental in their win over TCU. [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal]

Open Range

So, you are telling us that Texas isn't the only team with defensive issues? [WSJ]

Who leaked Bo Pelini's rant? [Big Red Today]

And finally...

Thoughts and prayers go out to Ole Miss student Carson Otter. [KPHO]