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Daily Round Up: Bill Snyder thinks Texas will actually show up this week.

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Ed Zurga

K-State's Tre Walker would like to set the record straight. [Fox Sports]

How about a panel discussion? Can Texas get things turned around? [SI]

Bill Snyder expects the Texas D to actually show up on Saturday. [Kansas City Star]

How does K-State keep beating Texas? [ESPN]

25 men's and women's basketball games will be televised on the LHN. [ESPN]

Let's keep this simple: Who is the odds-on favorite to be coaching in Austin in September 2014? -- Kevin M., Plano, Texas

My personal favorite is current Baylor headman Art Briles, who would be the absolute perfect Texas football coach. But I keep hearing "Texas would never hire the coach of Baylor" -- a sentiment which is also so very Texas. [SI]

Maybe we should give Brown another chance, but we won't. [Fox Sports]

Mack Brown needs to send a thank you note to Bo Pelini. [Washington Post]

And he might as well just apologize now for our loss to OU. [Barking Carnival]

Big 12

Four Big 12 teams had bye weeks. [SI]

Kansas has a case of the dropsies. [KU Sports]

Baylor is legitimate but they just need to play somebody. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Open Range

The college football playoff committee selection is nearly complete. [CBS Sports]

Coaches need to be very careful about what they say, even in private. [ESPN]

Don't underestimate FCS teams. [The Dickinson Press]

The time has come to end the role of recruit hostesses. [Lost Lettermen]

College football does not impress Las Vegas. [WSJ]

Football is just better in the South. [USA Today]

Here are some of the best sports apps. [Sport Techie]


Will Dodds announce today? Will Brown announce today?