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Daily Round Up: Don't Stop Believing!

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Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Don't stop believing! We're going to do it, Mack! Big 12 champs!

The state of Texas football, according to Andy Staples. [SI]

We like you, too. Bill Snyder is one good sweet talker. [Horn Sports]

"Every team recognizes what their strengths and weaknesses are. They are brilliant people down there, and they understand that they will work on by being able to correct the problems that they have. That doesn’t mean necessarily changing what they do, but maybe executing better, but that is just speculation on my part."

Yes, K-State has a darn good ground game. [Sacramento Bee]

Texas needs to watch out for these guys. [The Daily Texan]

Get in line and take a number, Sams. The Wildcat QB plans to run right through the Texas defense. [NFL]

We need to break that K-State curse! [ESPN]

When your kid plays college football, it is one long road trip. [Kansas City Star]

When college coaches fall, they fall hard. [Washington Post]

Don't worry about the police showing up at your tailgate. [The Daily Texan]

If we have to count on this guy, Texas football is doomed. [SI]


Will Dodds announce today? Will Brown announce today?