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Texas Starts Strong, Holds Off Kansas State 31-21

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The Longhorns defeated the Wildcats for the first time since 2003.

Ronald Martinez

A decade later, Texas football can finally light the tower orange following a battle with Kansas State.

The Longhorns were a little shaky in the opening minutes of the game, but once they settled into the game, David Ash, Kendall Sanders, and Jonathan Gray combined with a disciplined defense to open up a 17-0 Texas lead.

From there, they simply held on by taking care of the football, but while the 31-21 win to end K-State's five game streak is nice, even tonight's victory was bittersweet, as David Ash was held out of the second half due to a head injury and linebacker Jordan Hicks had to be carted off the field early in the fourth quarter.

While we wait for good news on Texas' injured players, we can at least enjoy the fact that for the first time since 2003, Texas beat the Purple Wizards.  Finally.

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