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An update on the scores as of September 30th.

A couple of astute commenters noticed that the yards-per-play values for Ole Miss and Texas were reversed in my scoring spreadsheet.  As I fixed the values and recalculated scores, a lot of players who correctly projected Ole Miss to substantially outpace Texas picked up a substantial number of points, shaking up the standings.

As a reminder, each player's season score will consist of the player's 10 highest weekly scores, with the two lowest scoring weeks tossed out.  With 4 of the season's 12 rounds played, the column in the master scoresheet labeled "TOTAL" contains each player's cumulative points from the 4 weekly scores, while "High 2" refers to the sum of the player's two highest weekly scores (with the lowest two being tossed out).

You can view the full PREDICTATRON Scoresheet by clicking here (Excel file).  If you spot any errors or omissions, please make a note in the comments or send me an email so I can review it.  The Top 30 leaderboard is below, with none other than BON author TheElusiveShadow sitting on top, thanks to a tremendous score for the Ole Miss game.