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Daily Round Up: The Horns Need A Balanced Offense

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Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Texas needs a balanced offense. [Daily Texan]

The Horns prepared for BYU by wearing masks. [ESPN]

A former BYU linebacker scouts teh Horns. [Ogletree Football]

How did BYU do this past weekend? [Horn Sports]

The Cougars are looking to bounce back this Saturday. [Desert News]

Big 12

Sooner QB Trevor Knight runs the option with precision. [NewsOK]

OSU o-line coach Joe Wickline just rolls with the punches. [NewsOK]

Sooner QB Trevor Knight wants more passing production. [AP]

Tech's QB had a great first start. [Fresno Bee]

Kansas may not be at the bottom of the Big 12 this season. [University Daily Kansan]