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Make your predictions for the Texas-BYU game...

If you missed out on the fun last week, don't worry: it's not too late to get in on PREDICTATRON 2013.  As explained in the rules from last week's post, your season score will consist of your 10 best scores over the 12 games, which means you can miss two weeks entirely (0 points) and still be in the running.

Before turning to this week's questions, a nod to last week's top performers.  Out of more than 200 entries, we had 25 player score 50 points or more.  You can check your spot by clicking through to the FULL LEADERBOARD.


This week's questions are below.  Once again, I urge you to read the directions carefully.  Answers presented in the wrong format will receive 0 points, no exceptions.  Good luck...


The brutal performance by the Longhorns meant a brutal week of picks in Predictatron, with a full 20% of participants scoring 0 points for this week, and 63% of participants notching fewer than 10 points. Brutal.

This week's Top Scores and Full Results Page are below. Something tells me that for most of you, these BYU picks will be one of the two low scores you toss out at the end of the year.


For everyone else: you can view the FULL RESULTS PAGE to check your score