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Bellmont Smoke Stack: Day 18

And still no news.


Today's forecast? White smoke.

Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something 
written by a 13-year-old or Clay Travis (no difference).
Read at your own peril.

Orangebloods was wrong! A meeting did not take place between Charlie Strong and Steve Patterson. [CBS Sports]

Or did Strong interview in an undisclosed location? [Dallas Morning News]

Will Jimbo Fisher's new contract end all the Texas talk? [CBS Sports]

Art Briles is willing to listen to what Texas has to say. [Dallas Morning News]

Briles is still waiting on a call from the Redskins. [NFL]

DeLoss Dodds would like Steve Patterson to consider Will Muschamp. [Orangebloods]

Barking Carnival breaks down the coaching candidates. [Barking Carnival]