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Texas Baseball Opens at Number 18 in Baseball America Preseason Poll

Texas comes in as the highest ranked Big 12 team in Baseball America's preseason poll.

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Christian Petersen

Baseball America has spoken and placed the Longhorns #18 in their preseason poll, a spot ahead of #19 TCU and four spots ahead of #22 Kansas State. The Horns finished last in the Big 12 in 2013 but the #2 ranked recruiting class has propelled Texas to the top of the conference in this preseason poll.

Our take is that this is probably a fair ranking reflecting real uncertainty about this team. The Horns were a miserable 27-24 last year and did not make the Big 12 baseball tournament, so being the highest ranked team in the conference also reflects how much potential this team has.

Augie has hit a number of boxes on checklist for a bounce back season including:

  • Be already really good at one thing. Pitching. Check.
  • Get an influx of talent at the things you're not good at. Hitting. Check. Hopefully.
  • Play in a weak conference. Big 12. Check.

Texas baseball begins its 2014 campaign with the Alumni Game this Saturday at noon. The regular season will kick off on February 14th at the Cal Golden Bears. We'll be back before them with more baseball preview.

Hook 'em.