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Bellmont Smoke Stack: A leader has been chosen.

It is Charlie Strong. Allegedly.

He shall reign forever and ever...That is, until he loses to Oklahoma.

I love this guy. We needed a change in culture and we have it. [Youtube]

Of course he is coming. He hasn't signed yet, but....[SB Nation]

So, what is the hold up? [ESPN]

Charlie will have to rethink his stance on open practices and media interaction. [Courier-Journal]

Pete Thamel reporting Strong agreed to a five-year-contract worth around five million a year. [SI]

Meet Victoria Strong. [Youtube]

Strong will be Texas first African-American head football coach in the school's history. [Sporting News]

A Louisville blogger thinks Strong and Texas are a terrible match. [Card Game]

UofL fans didn't think Strong would leave. [WHAS]

We've addressed the race question, thank you. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]