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Texas hoops vs. OU Game Thread

The start on conference play is upon us.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Preview: Here is my conversation with an OU basketball player about the game tonight. Not interested? Fine. Here are the game notes provided by OU's SID in PDF format.

Time: 7 p.m. CST


Commentators: Not announced, but I'd guess on Paul "it's still the preseason" Sunderland and his color analyst.

Some random stats about OU:

SCORING 1134 Points per game 87.2 Scoring margin +9.5 FIELD GOALS-ATT 383-814 Field goal pct .471 3POINT FG-ATT 96-256 3-point FG pct .375 3-pt FG made per game 7.4 FREE THROWS-ATT 272-374 Free throw pct .727 F-Throws made per game 20.9 REBOUNDS 523 Rebounds per game 40.2 Rebounding margin +3.2 ASSISTS 198 Assists per game 15.2 TURNOVERS 16.3 Turnovers per game 12.5 Turnover margin +1.7 Assist/turnover ratio 1.2 STEALS 10.0 Steals per game 7.7 BLOCKS 5.4 Blocks per game 4.2 ATTENDANCE 7964.0 Home games-Avg/Game 8-9955

This game will set the tone for the lunch pail Longhorns. Let's hope the "regular season" starts off on a good note.