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Daily Round Up: Get On The Train

Wikimedia Commons
Disclaimer: Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something written by a 13-year-old, a so-called sports journalist or Clay Travis (no difference). Read at your own peril.

Former Texas DB and Louisville DC Vance Bedford. I definitely want on this train.

Charlie Strong is the real deal. [WDRB]

He has a proven track record. [Football Scoop]

This hire transcends sports. [Fox Austin]

Strong doesn't have a problem publicly taking down ESPN analysts. [Awful Announcing]

Here are the reasons Texas wants Strong. [Forbes]

This guy just seems to write stupid things all the time. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Bevo does exactly what he wants to do.

Texas needs to rebuild. [SI]

The next coach better heed football's golden rule. [Austin Chronicle]

Even though the national championship is this week, it is still all about Texas. [Detroit Free Press]

Where are they now: Tommy Nobis. [National Football Post]

Unfortunately, Texas lost to the Land Thieves in basketball. [ESPN]

Big 12

Does anyone care about the rest of the conference today? I didn't think so.

Open Range


Bowl games do make money. [Sports Geekonomics]

Athletic departments clean up on apparel contracts. [Football Scoop]

Net neutrality could have an impact on sports fans. [The Hill]

What are the keys to Art Briles and Gus Malzahn's success? [Football Scoop]

The Oklahoma Red Cross and Case McCoy took some Twitter jabs at Bama. [CBS Sports]

ESPN gets an incredible tax break to stay in Bristol. [NY Times]

Steve Spurrier never fails to entertain. [CBS Sports]

Saban will forever be associated with possibly the greatest play in college football history, and not in a good way. [WSJ]

The state of Texas is working hard to get rid of the old white male problem in college football. [ESPN]

Rick Neuheisel serenades Gus Malzahn. [Football Scoop]

What happens when Land Thieves and rednecks end up in the same stadium? [Deadspin]

The Agricultural and Mechanical Department

ESTABLISHMENT OF UNIVERSITY; AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. The legislature shall as soon as practicable establish, organize and provide for the maintenance, support and direction of a University of the first class, to be located by a vote of the people of this State, and styled, "The University of Texas," for the promotion of literature, and the arts and sciences, including an Agricultural, and Mechanical department. - Texas Constitution

Kevin Sumlin is committed to A&M. [ESPN]

Poor Johnny can't trademark his name just yet. [Fox News]

The Aggies are nationally relevant! This guy knows because a checkout guy at grocery store told him so. [TexAgs]

A&M is the happiest college campus in the country. [Houston Chronicle]