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Texas-OU Game Day: Kick Off Time, TV Schedule, Game Line, Weather

All the information you need to get ready for the Red River Shootout, plus some you don't.

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As I write this, it is a few minutes before 7:00 in the morning, and OU still sucks.  Had I written this at any other time? OU? Would still suck. They suck this morning, they sucked last night, and they'll suck tomorrow. It is what they do. It is who they are.

Treacherous conditions await the brave souls who made the pilgrimage to Dallas for this year's Red River Shootout: on top of the usual hazards -- carnies working at the State Fair, carnies wearing crimson and cream, fried butter -- this year add Ebola and nasty weather to the mix. It'll make for a long, painful day if the Longhorns lose, but if they win... is there any place you'd rather be?

Texas-OU Game Day Vitals

Kickoff: 11:00 am CDT

UT fans are proud of our heritage and aren't lacking in school pride, but we don't go Full Cult with traditions. Most of us personally find this agreeable, albeit not without some downsides. For example, our minimalist approach means missing out on bending over as though prepping for a prostate exam on the command of a male cheerleader in overalls. Sucks.

But our minimalism also makes it easier for me to embrace the 11:00 am kickoff for this game. Where normally I bemoan kicking off with the early games, the sights and sounds of the divided fan bases shouting back and forth across the Cotton Bowl just before 11:00, and the firing of the cannon signaling the war has begun... There is nothing quite like it. And though we may not be big on traditions, we love everything about this game. Even the things we don't.

Weather: Rain throughout the morning, with a 30% chance of showers throughout the game and temperatures in the low- to mid-60s, winds gusting 10-15 mph north-northwest.

It's not exactly a blizzard, but things look like they'll be cool and moist in the Cotton Bowl today, which at a minimum will make things that much more miserable for the losing side.

Why the elevated star rating for such lousy weather? Simple: in all likelihood, it gives us a better chance to win the game. And that can only be a good thing, right? Right.

Television: ABC

Announcers: Sean McDonough and Chris Spielman will call the game, with Todd McShay on the sidelines

I'm not sure why, but I associate Sean McDonough's voice with ugly blowouts. The kind where the cameras are constantly showing miserable fans of the losing team and the announcers are forced to fill dead air time with all manner of off topic banter. That may or may not be rational, but in any event it's not enough to dissuade me from rating this crew as solid -- sometimes good, rarely insufferable, and generally competent.

Game Previews: From the official channels, both and have Game Day Guides up on their respective sites. Here at BON: Inside the Tunnel for Texas-OUA Hate Week Confession, and Analysis of Texas' capacity to exploit the Sooners' vulnerable pass defense. As always, there's lots of good stuff by our friends at Barking Carnival, as well.

Las Vegas Line: OU (-17) over Texas; Over/Under = 47 points.

Well, yeah. I'm strangely okay with this. No, the W-L record this year isn't going to be anything to remember, but watching Charlie Strong take on the challenges he inherited has been thoroughly satisfying -- sufficiently so, even, to numb me from over-investment in a 17-point spread against our arch rivals. Yeah, we're a poor bet to win today, but it brings a smile to my face to think about Texas entering this game fired up to take the fight to OU, rather than "scared to death" about what might go wrong.

Prediction: Sooner tears would taste so, so super-sweet today, but even with rain and wind depressing the offenses, I'm struggling to see the Good Guys picking up the upset win: OU 24 Texas 13

Give 'em hell, Horns.

And one more time, all together now: it's _____ in the morning and...