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Rest easy, we finally know the identity of Jet Pack Man

Finally, some answers to persisting questions from Texas fans.

Ronald Martinez

If you've been to a home football game this season, you were likely very confused the first time you saw Jet Pack Man.

For those of you that haven't witnessed the new pre-game ritual, Jet Pack Man is a guy who flies around the stadium in a jetpack before every kickoff. It's one terrifying example of the new amenities at DKR under the Patterson regime.

The good people at the Austin American-Statesman did a little research behind the brave soul who risks his life in the deafening contraption every week, and the Alcalde was kind enough to summarize it:

Turns out, it’s called the Mighty Fine Longhorn Liftoff—Mighty Fine being the local Austin burger chain that has partnered with UT Athletics for more than 10 years. This latest stunt will occur at every home game this season, piloted by performance pilots for JetPack International, Mighty Fine’s partner in the promotion.

At the August 30 home opener against North Texas, Nick Macomber of JetPack International took flight to a mildly amused and confused crowd of 93,201. According to K&N Management, the company that owns Mighty Fine, that’s a world record for the number of people to witness a jet pack flight. Macomber took flight at the BYU and Baylor games, and will continue his ritual against Iowa State, West Virginia, and TCU, in Texas’ remaining home games.

So many things can go wrong with this stunt. Jet Pack Man's jetpack could stall-out at the 50 and come crashing down on the field. Jet Pack Man's jetpack could lose stability and control and he could plow into the crowd. Jet Pack Man's jetpack could endure a state of perpetual thrust and go soaring into the sky with no ability to redirect back to his Mighty Fine landing pad.

Luckily, nothing has gone wrong. Yet.

We still have three home games to go, so get there early if you want to set another Jetpack world record. I have a feeling this may not be a staple at home games next season.