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More evidence why Texas DC Vance Bedford is the best

Every week, the Wednesday availability with Bedford is must-watch.

Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Vance Bedford remembers what it's like facing off against the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl.

A four-year letterman, Bedford was also a defensive captain for one season when the Horns played the Sooners in Dallas. He knows what it's like to run out of the tunnel as a player.

All those facts combined to make his Wednesday rant that much better, starting with his insistence on calling it the Red River Shootout, a name that has given way to the Red River Rivalry for reasons of political correctness.

"They have a lot of Texas players," Bedford said of Oklahoma. "And that's what it is. That's a big part of it. When I played, we just wanted to put the ball down anywhere. Get [off] the bus, go right now ... that's the attitude you've got to have. They're gonna come out and try to intimidate us. I'm an old-school guy. I can't play anymore. They're fortunate. I'm old now, I can barely get out of bed. So I can't throw my best punch anymore like I did when I was a young guy. So I live through my players. Let's put the ball down ... and see what happens. If they want to talk, we can talk. Wanna fight? We can fight.

"That's what it's all about. It's the attitude. It's players from the state of Texas who went to Oklahoma. A lot of those guys probably wish they had come here. ... They're coming into our state. State of Texas. It's Texas pride. It's Texas attitude. That's how I feel about it. I'm trying to make sure my players feel that way.

"To me, it was always personal. As a football coach, it's still personal, I just can't play. I wish I could bring my Louisville Slugger from Louisville and see what happens but that's illegal in this day and age (laughs). Have a Louisville Slugger and bad things happen, so I had to put it away! Cause I'm in the state of Texas. Got gun laws. You can carry a gun but Coach Strong says, 'core value - no guns.' So that's personal. Nothing against anybody. Just old guy trying to have some fun (laughs)."

Thanks for doing you, Vance.