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Daily Round Up: Texas Was The Lead Dog Sunday

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Holmes' last shot is something you want to see over and over again.

The Horns beat UConn at the buzzer. [Orangebloods]

Rick Barnes designed a great play to give Jonathan Holmes a shot. [Yahoo Sports]

Holmes led the team in scoring and rebounds. [USA Today]

Positives and negatives from the game. [Barking Carnival]

The UConn blog breaks down the buzzer beater. [The UConn Blog]

I love Craig Way. Here's Craig Way call on Holmes' last second shot. [Sound Cloud]

Stay classy, UConn. [Instagram]


"The tradition that they have (at Texas), as a kid growing up, you might not say it, but everybody wants to come here," Boykin said. "It's big for us because some guys that didn't get a chance to go to Texas now have the chance to prove themselves and we tried to do that every time we go out there." [USA Today]

The Texas seniors were especially disappointed with the loss. [247 Texas]

The defense held their own, but there are still major issues on offense. [247 Texas247 Texas]

The Longhorns are committed to Charlie Strong's long-term vision for the program. [San Antonio Express-News]

Do you miss Colt McCoy? [Fanbase]