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Contacts helping Texas S Mykkele Thompson find the football

So, uh, this probably should have happened some time ago.


Through three seasons in Austin, Texas Longhorns safety Mykkele Thompson had started 18 games, but had only come up with one interception.

And so when head coach Charlie Strong arrived, he noticed something about the senior from San Antonio -- he wore glasses off the field, which sparked Strong's investigative instincts.

"I said to him, 'Let me ask you, in a game, do you have contacts in?'" Strong said on Monday. "He's like, no. I said, 'How do you see the ball?' I said, how do you see? Look at your glasses?"

Thompson told his head coach that he'd been wearing glasses since he was a freshman in high school. Rushing for over 3,500 yards and scoring almost 50 touchdowns in high school as a running quarterback wasn't a difficult task for the Stevens product, but it seemed that tracking the football was a little bit more difficult.

Despite claims that his eyes "weren't that bad," Strong wasn't convinced. After all, there were all those games played and only one interception.

"'Okay, so your eyes have been wearing them since the 9th grade, so you're telling me you can see a ball when it's thrown?'" Strong recounted. "He said, 'Yeah, I can see it.' I said, okay, did you see that double move out there against Baylor? He said, 'Kind of late.' I said, 'You can see the film, it was too late.'"

And so Thompson was finally fitted for the contacts that he should have been wearing all along.

Against Texas Tech, the clearer vision probably helped the senior defensive back get a faster break on a football that Red Raiders quarterback Vincent Testaverde sent down the sideline on a 3rd and 3 from near mid-field during the fourth quarter.

Strong thought the contacts made a difference in Thompson coming down with his second career interception, at least.

"I said, you never would have caught that ball if you had your contacts in. I was just teasing him about it. So he's going to put them back in, but he's wearing his contacts now."

Senior cornerback Quandre Diggs describes Thompson as his best friend and noted that he's been giving him a hard time for all those struggles creating takeaways.

"You can't start 30 games and only have two interceptions," Diggs said.

Well, if you can't see the football so clearly...