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Texas DT Malcom Brown snubbed by coaches; All-Big 12 football awards announced

Wait a minute...

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Let's see if this makes sense -- Texas Longhorns junior defensive tackle Malcom Brown was up for two national awards, one as the best player on defense in the country and one as the best interior player in the country.

But not only was he passed over by Big 12 coaches as the best defensive player in the conference, as he was by the AP voters, he was also passed over as the top defensive lineman in the conference, an award that went to Oklahoma State's Emmanuel Ogbah.

Say what?

Once again, TCU linebacker Paul Dawson was named as the Defensive Player of the Year. It's hard to argue with that. But Ogbah over Brown? That's disappointing after every coach in the conference saw both of those players first-hand.

The All-Big 12 first and second teams follow, as voted on by the coaches.

All-Big 12 first team

all-big 12 first team o

first-team d

All-Big 12 second team

all-big 12 second team o

all-big 12 second team d

Texas honorable mention: Malcom Brown (DLofY), Steve Edmond (LB), Dylan Haines (DB), John Harris (WR), Jaxon Shipley (WR), Duke Thomas (DB)

And John Harris got snubbed, too, after his 1,000-yard season out of nowhere.

Tough to get respect with such a poor record.