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Why Texas WR target Ryan Newsome is a great fit for the Longhorns (or anyone else)

Great kid. Great family. Great talent.

More than being exceptionally talented on the football field and on the track, Aledo wide receiver Ryan Newsome is one of the nicest, most grounded recruits anyone could hope to meet.

The above video showcases his family and his personality, as well as the elite speed that makes him a threat any time he touches the ball and allowed him to finish 2nd to Baylor wide receiver KD Cannon in the 100m last year at the Texas state track meet.

But how awesome is it that he prayed with the Ennis players after Aledo won in the semi-finals last year?

Great kid. Great family. Great talent.

Of course, questions still remain about his collegiate destination and he may have gotten closer to a choice after taking his official visit to Austin last weekend, where he was able to get a look at the Longhorn Network:

While that may not have been a particularly important occasion for fellow official visitor Malik Jefferson, it does matter to Newsome because he wants to major in communications at the school of his choice.

The connections that the Longhorn Network would provide stand out to him, he told Orangebloods:

"They were selling the Longhorn Network, how I'm pretty well set after college. That's what I want to do, and the Longhorn Network is directly affiliated with ESPN. I would have my foot in the door with a lot of important people. That's one thing I wanted to see, and they definitely showcased that to me over the weekend."

Since Texas is the only school that has its own network, it's obviously something that helps the Longhorns stand out above the competition.

It shouldn't hurt that Newsome has also had a longtime relationship with Texas running backs coach Tommie Robinson.

If he ends up pledging to Texas, his developing relationship could help with Indiana linebacker Darrin Kirkland Jr, who also took an official visit to Austin last weekend -- the personality that Newsome displays in those interviews has endeared him to other prospects.

In the end, it might not make a difference for Jefferson or Kirkland Jr, but those friendships certainly won't hurt.

Here's what he told OB about his relationships with his two fellow standouts:

"Malik is a smart guy. He's going to do what's best for him. So is Darrin. We're all similar. I think that's what helped us. We really clicked together. If it works out, it would be cool to play with each other. If not, we'll all do what's best for us."

Even if Newsome is the only one of the three who ends up in burnt orange, Texas won't just be getting a talented player, they will be getting a young man who shouldn't have any problems upholding head coach Charlie Strong's five core values.

let's ride