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S-E-C Not Ready DVD Available Now!

Scott Halleran/Getty Images




When Texas A&M left the Big 12 to join the Southeastern Conference, most semi-literate people assumed the Aggies were destined to languish in mediocrity. And that's exactly what happened. In SEC Inbred-y, SEC Envy, and SEC Greedy, a 3-disk set comedy from Reveille Films, follow the Aggies as they whine and and extort the Big 12 on their way to the SEC. Once there, the Aggies did exactly what we knew they would do, went toe-to-toe with college football’s elite and performed as expected.

Thanks to 54b and TXStampede for creative direction and wording. Thanks to the Aggies for the idea.

No Aggies were harmed in the creation of this parody. Of course, Gene Stallings, Kevin Sumlin and Billy Liucci didn't actually say those things, but they might have.

All images from Wikipedia.