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Texas Longhorns still most valuable football program, per Forbes

This almost isn't even news any more.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

In what has become a pre-Christmas rite in recent years, the Texas Longhorns were named the most valuable football program in the country by Forbes for the sixth straight year.

Texas has sat atop the college football world since 2009, when the program passed Notre Dame to take over the top spot. Over the last three seasons, the Longhorns have had revenues that topped $100 million, a mark no other school has reached. The second-place program, which still remains the Fighting Irish, is still $19 million short of that milestone and unlikely to reach it in coming years.

The publication valued the Longhorns at $131 million, a drop of $8 since 2013. Revenue increased by $4 million despite the drop in ticket sales, a trend that has continued since the national championship run that fell short in 2009.

Profits also dropped in 2014 because of the massive buyout paid to former head coach Mack Brown, as well as similar payouts made to assistant coaches -- in 2013, Texas made $81 million, a figure that dropped to $74 million this season but should bounce back in 2015.

Overall, despite the 6% drop in valuation and the drop in profits, Texas is still worth 7% than any other program, evidence of the massive lead that the Longhorns hold on the rest of the college football world.