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Texas Bowl: Texas vs. Arkansas preview Q&A with Arkansas Fight

We caught up with Ryan Higgins of Arkansas Fight to answer questions about the Texas Bowl match up between the Longhorns and the Razorbacks.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Burnt Orange Nation: Much like Texas, Arkansas was a team that had to come together down the stretch to get to six wins and make a bowl game after struggles in recent seasons. Was there a point in the season where the team clearly turned the corner?

Arkansas Fight: The dominating win over LSU was definitely the turning point. That broke the SEC losing streak. The Texas Tech game was nice, but it wasn't a SEC win. Now that they are over that hump, Hog fans see the future is bright.

BON: There are numerous strengths for the Arkansas running game, but if you had to sum it up succinctly, what would you say makes them so hard to stop and what have opponents down to successfully slow it down?

AF: I think having multiple running backs and the ability to rotate and keep them fresh is the biggest advantage. While the offensive line is the biggest in college football, there have been games where they got blown off the ball at times. That's the way to stop this run game. If Texas can continually blow this offensive line backwards, they will be able to handle Arkansas' run game.

BON: Is there any way that the Razorbacks can pull this game out if Brandon Allen has to throw 30 or more passes, having lost all five such games this year so far?

AF: Zero percent chance. Like your Matt Jones reference in your answers, the Hogs didn't win many games when he was forced to throw the ball more than 20 times. It was a different game then, but that principle still translates to this team. If Brandon Allen has to throw the ball 30 times that means the Hogs are playing from behind and they aren't built for an in-game comeback.

BON: The Texas run game executed well early against a good West Virginia run defense, then struggled mightily against TCU. Is the Arkansas run defense exploitable and, if so, how?

AF: It's not exploitable if there isn't a significant deep pass threat. That's really the only way to beat this defense. They can give up the big play over the top and that can open up the run game. This defense isn't going to get run on if they are able to keep eight in the box.

BON: When opponents have been able to pick up chunk yardage in the passing game, was there a consistent type of breakdown that was occurring in the secondary?

AF: There have been some blown assignments by young corners and safeties cheating up to play the run. But, there hasn't been a complete one-on-one burn for a big play that I can remember. The play that sticks out was the blown coverage that allowed a big play against Mississippi State. That was a huge zone bust.

BON: What's your prediction about how this game plays out, along with a final score, if you feel so inclined.

AF: Prediction: Put your mortgage on the under. I can't see either team scoring many points. I'm going 14-6 Arkansas with the win.