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Could Ohio State QB Braxton Miller transfer to Texas?

Does it make sense for the Longhorns to pursue a one-year quarterback who can't provide a long-term solution at the position?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Weeks away from entering another offseason without a starter entrenched at quarterback, the Texas Longhorns may be on the market for a graduate transfer or junior college passer.

Enter Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Braxton Miller.

Another shoulder injury ended Miller's season in August before it even began and with the ascension of redshirt freshman JT Barrett, it's difficult to believe that head coach Urban Meyer would hand the job back to Miller this spring. Or even give him much of a shot at getting it back.

Not to mention the fact that Barrett may now simply be a better quarterback, especially since he is a more polished passer overall.

So in all likelihood, Miller will graduate and look for another school at which to play his final season of college football.

According to Sporting News, one of the destinations that makes sense is Texas:

The depth chart currently includes Tyrone Swoopes (struggling mightily this season) and promising freshman Jerrod Heard, who is redshirting. Neither would push Miller for the job. There are more pro than spread principles to the Longhorns' offense, but that doesn't mean it can't be tweaked.

Texas certainly ran enough zone read with Swoopes this season that there are elements of the quarterback run game that would fit Miller's impressive skill set in that phase of the game, but the West Coast elements of play caller Shawn Watson's offense might be as difficult for Miller to handle as they have been for Swoopes at times this season.

In that sense, Miller would hardly represent a savior for Texas, especially since he has only one season of eligibility remaining. With that being said, this is a quarterback who holds nine school records at Ohio State and has led six game-winning touchdowns in addition to producing 74 career touchdowns for the Buckeyes -- he can play when given the right system, which Meyer clearly did in Columbus.

And more competition for Swoopes is the expressed goal of the coaching staff and Miller would unquestionably provide it, potentially allowing for Swoopes to finally redshirt as well if redshirting freshman Jerrod Heard earns the back-up job.

What the Longhorns really need is a long-term solution at quarterback and Miller definitely does not provide that, but he could buy some time for Texas to develop a long-term solution.

Since Miller will almost certainly be looking for a new school in the coming months, don't expect this to be the last time that his name gets associated with Texas.