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Back-up Arkansas WR thinks beating Texas will be "too easy"

The Longhorns now have some bulletin-board material for the bowl game.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns and Arkansas Razorbacks haven't played consistently since the demise of the Southwest Conference, but a Monday morning tweet from a back-up Arkansas wide receiver may provide some spark for the old rivalry that will renew in the Texas Bowl on December 29:

The tweet has already found its way to fiery Texas junior linebacker Peter Jinkens, who sounds ready to play a game in which he'll be asked to contribute heavily as the Longhorns utilize a 4-3 front:

A 6'6, 202-pound freshman from Miami, Edwards barely managed to crack the top-100 wide receivers in the country as ranked by 247Sports and hasn't contributed much this season -- he has four catches for 70 yards and a touchdown, which came on a four-yard reception against Georgia back in mid-October.

Over the last five games, Edwards hasn't had a single catch.

So even if Arkansas does end up beating Texas easily, the trash-talking freshman would seem highly unlikely to make an impact.

And such confidence seems rather misplaced for a team that needed four non-conference games, including only one against a Power 5 opponent, to reach bowl eligibility. But since Arkansas hails from the ESS!-EEE!-CEE!, perhaps there are few things more intimidating than a 2-6 conference record.

Or maybe Edwards should leave the trash talking to the guys who actually contribute to victories, like the big Arkansas offensive line or star running backs Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins.

But, hey, maybe if the game does end up being as easy to win as Edwards thinks it will be then he'll actually get a chance to play for once.