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Daily Round Up: Charlie Is An Ambassador

Erich Schlegel
Disclaimer: Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something written by a 13-year-old, a so-called sports journalist or Clay Travis (is there really any difference between those options?). Read at your own peril.

Charlie Strong isn't just a football coach, he's an ambassador. [Courier-Journal]

Just say no, Charlie. [CBS Sports]

Texas has a new football trainer. [AAS]

All football practices will be CLOSED so don't even ask. [AAS]

Meet football coaches Tommie Robinson, Les Koenning, [ESPN] Joe Wickline and Shawn Watson. [ESPN]

Oh Rick, why? In case you missed the horrible photo that went viral yesterday, here it is. [AAS]

Big 12

OSU basketball coach Travis Ford needs some polish. [NewsOK]

Bill Self should have won Big 12 coach of the year. [CBS Sports]

Here's an inside look at the Bear offensive light show. [CBS Sports]

The Pokes are doing some football rebuilding this spring. [NewsOK]

Did the Texas Tech staff really need to this to raise rape awareness? [Yahoo Sports]

Kliff KInsbury is the coolest coach in college football. [USA Today]