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Baseball Takes On Dallas Baptist

Texas lost to Kansas 6-1 on Sunday after giving up five runs in the top of the 9th. Dallas Baptist is today's opponent at 6:30.

Photo courtesy of Schoolly_D

It appears that the Harmon dismissal/Nicholson hire was shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic, or worse. Nicholson does not seem to have a handle on the baserunning and hitters continue to regress in the face of college pitching. For some reason, I seem to be obsessed with the "whys" of our various teams’ deterioration and I think I have come to this about baseball: Augie recruits defense and pitching (well, Skip anyway) and teaches same, both to the detriment of hitting. The BBCOR bats have removed the mishit fly’s potential to be a safe, extra-base hit or home run and this has exposed a fundamental flaw in coaching under Garrido as only hitting savants like Payton will continue to produce under Texas coaching.

- TwiceHorn

That about sums it up. A Texas team that scored five or more runs in four of its first seven weekend games hasn't achieved that minimal standard of offensive production since. More on the topic in Friday's preview of an absolutely critical Tech series (at least in terms of fan morale), for now this is the Dallas Baptist open thread. Lukas Schiraldi on the mound, LHN on the television.

Hook 'em.