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DISH Network adds Longhorn Network

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Satellite customers will now have access to the school's channel.

Erich Schlegel

The Longhorn Network will soon be available to even more customers across the country, as DISH Network and Disney have reached a long-term distribution agreement that will include the Texas-specific channel.

The deal, which was announced on Monday, will also include the SEC Network, ESPN's offering that will feature programming from the nation's top conference, as well as the dismissal of all pending litigation between the companies.

With more than 14 million subscribers, the further distribution of the Longhorn Network will be extremely beneficial for Texas fans across the country who previously had limited options to watch the channel.

And there's no question that the Longhorn Network benefitted from its inclusion as part of a broader agreement package between DISH Network and Disney.

"We worked with DISH to smartly address the future of the multi-screen world on several levels," said John Skipper, ESPN President and Disney Media Networks Co-Chairman. "Together, we are adding value to the traditional video subscription by making great content accessible across platforms and delivering new products, including our WatchESPN authenticated networks, the highly anticipated launch of the SEC ESPN Network, expanded distribution for Longhorn Network, and a reimagined ESPN Classic video-on-demand channel.  At the same time, we are creating opportunities to add new subscribers and introducing the value of a multichannel subscription to a small subset of broadband-only consumers."

Comcast has also agreed to purchase Time Warner in a move that still needs regulatory approval and could also greatly improve the reach of the Longhorn Network, though more information about its potential availability on Comcast will probably have to wait until after the purchase is approved.