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Texas Falls to Tech 8-4; Sunday Open Thread

Texas pounded out 15 hits but could only manage four runs all while falling apart on the mound and in the field.

General Mark Payton?
General Mark Payton?
Photo courtesy of Schoolly_D

Abram came in town last night, and over dinner we discussed writing a novel - or series of them - of historical revisionism looking at what the world would have looked like had Davy Crockett had as many men at the Alamo as the Texas Longhorns baseball team left on base yesterday.

Obviously the slaughter at the Alamo wouldn't have happened which somehow leads to no American Civil War which somehow prevents World War II and that leads to Colt McCoy not getting hurt and Mack riding out on a wave of glory following the 2010 BCS Title Game victory. We have some details to work out but the framework is there.

In baseball, however, Texas continued to pound the ball but played an incredibly sloppy game leading to an 8-4 Tech victory and a (huge sigh) Sunday clincher. Texas outhit Tech 15-11, but Dillon Peters threw three wild pitches, walked two, hit two and gave up seven hits all while the Texas defense made a pair of critical errors. Texas hitters hit into a number of double plays and generally left a small army on the base paths. An army that could've turned the tide had they been...never mind.

On a positive note, Tres Barrera continued to smash the ball and the freshman hit his first career home run in the 9th. In addition, Zane Gurwitz notched his first four hit day and Chad Hollingsworth threw four plus innings of solid relief.

Texas and Texas Tech return to action today at 2. If Texas can continue to hit the ball and gets anywhere near the pitching and defense they've shown throughout most of the season then it'll be a Texas victory. If not then it'll be a FOURTEENTH straight conference loss. The Horns have been tested by subpar Saturday performances twicethis year (at Cal and against Hawaii) and responded beautifully both times. Hopefully they can do it again.

This is your open thread. Hook 'em.