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Texas RB Joe Bergeron shoots down transfer rumors

Is there anything to be worried about with the senior running back?

Cooper Neill

As the Eyes of Texas turn to the potential attrition candidates in the first spring for the Longhorns under new head coach Charlie Strong, senior running back Joe Bergeron felt the need to take to Twitter to answer a question about his own situation in that regard:

On Sunday, Bergeron seemed to provide confirmation that he had said something that caused that particular rumor to make the rounds:

While there has been much less information coming out of the program than in recent years due to fewer boosters and donors being allowed into the locker room and onto the practice fields, there are still conduits from those supposedly private places to the much more public message boards.

Still, the denial from Bergeron falls more into the non-denial denial range than an actually repudiation of the rumors.

Recall that fellow senior back Malcolm Brown faced similar rumors following the conclusion of the 2012 regular season, then took to Twitter to affirm his commitment to the program.

Not only that, but Bergeron has faced more issues than Brown had to the point or has had since.

The North Mesquite product fell out of the running back rotation last fall after some early fumbles issues, carrying the ball only 16 times between the Kansas State and West Virginia games before receiving 10 carries in the Oklahoma State game following Johnathan Gray's season-ending injury against the Mountaineers.

Despite the fall on the depth chart, Bergeron made himself useful by becoming a notable contributor on special teams, racking up five tackles on the season, including one each from the TCU game to the Oklahoma State contest.

Texas needs a productive and healthy Bergeron this fall with the availability of Gray for the early part of the season still in question and his ability to regain his explosiveness following his Achilles injury in even greater question because so many football players have had trouble coming back from similar incidents.

Whatever is going on right now, if Bergeron can follow the blueprint that he did last fall, he should be in line to provide valuable contributions during his senior season.