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Horns Beat Hawaii 3-2; Saturday DH Open Thread

Texas overcame an early 2-0 deficit to beat Hawaii's ace on Friday night. The Horns and Rainbow Warriors will play a double header beginning at noon today (pushed up an hour for rain).

Mark Payton scores the winning run - Safe by inches
Mark Payton scores the winning run - Safe by inches
Photo courtesy of Tim Irby

Texas fell behind 2-0 in the top of the 1st after Parker French allowed the first two batters of the game to score. The Longhorn pitching was dominant from there and Texas tied the game in the 4th in large part due to Jacob Felts' first career triple and went ahead in the 8th on a Jacob Felts single. John Curtiss came in and closed the door for his third career save.

It was the kind of game that Texas has been losing for the last two years. Down early against a pitcher who hadn't allowed an earned run in 23 innings. But Texas found a way to get runs after French settled down and can clinch a series win today with a sweep of the action.

Texas returns to action today at noon with a double header. The games were moved up from the previously scheduled 1:00 start time due to impending rain. The Horns will play a seven inning game at noon to be followed by a nine inning game at 3 PM.

This'll be your Saturday open thread. Hook 'em!