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Daily Round Up: Aggies Aren't Our Kind Of People

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Disclaimer: Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something written by a 13-year-old, a so-called sports journalist or Clay Travis (is there really any difference between those options?). Read at your own peril.

This is all we need to know today. According to Steve Patterson, the Aggies just are not our kind of people. [San Antonio Express-News]

Big 12

Blake Bell is going to the Land Thieves starting QB. Really. [Yahoo Sports]

Andrew Wiggins declaring for the NBA draft isn't exactly news. [CBS Sports]

Open Range

The NCAA president thinks college athlete unionization is a disaster waiting to happen. [CBS Sports]

Insert SEC joke here. Nick Saban believes athletes should be compensated. [Yahoo Sports]

The power conferences want autonomy. [CBS Sports]

You gotta love coaches with a sense of humor. [Houston Cougars]