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Texas Takes on UT-Pan American

Texas looks to rebound from a disastrous series against TCU beginning tonight against UTPA.

Photo courtesy of Schoolly_D

Texas went to the Final Four in basketball during my freshman year of college (2002-2003). One of the games during that glorious run was a road tilt with Colorado. You see, back in the day Colorado was a pesky member of the Big 12.

For some reason this conference road game wasn't on television. If I recall correctly this was all before the internet was invented so our only option for following the game was to gather around my radio and have Craig Way describe the action.

Texas lost that day 93-80 (I looked it up) to a middling Colorado squad. It was unpleasant, but I hadn't actually seen any of the action. Because of this my buddies and I decided it was best to just carry on as though the game had never happened since there wasn't any real proof of a loss so long as we stayed away from ESPN.

Fast forward to last weekend. The lady friend and I went on a lovely four-day weekend trip which included no baseball. Abram is realistic. He sees an appalling weekend against TCU on top of a bad weekend against Kansas and a bad midweek loss to Rice as part of a worrying pattern of behavior.

Me? I'm content to say it never happened and move on. I'll point to a pair of conference series in 2009 where Texas didn't win a game (0-5-1 against Kansas and Kansas State) or the 2005 regular season where Texas was swept by Baylor and lost a series to Kansas. Those seasons turned out pretty okay, so maybe it's not time to panic.

The margin for error is much lower but Texas can still accomplish all of its postseason goals with a strong finish to the conference season. The Horns have nine conference games left and have to make the best of it.

UT-Pan American comes to town tonight. Texas needs a win tonight to get going again.

We're hoping to get back off the schnide tonight at 6 PM. Lukas Schiraldi on the bump and this is your open thread.

Hook 'em.