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Texas Baseball Finishes Home Schedule Against Texas State

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The Texas baseball team takes on Texas State tonight at 6 at UFCUDFF.

Maybe a picture of puppies will help turn things around.
Maybe a picture of puppies will help turn things around.
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Texas baseball has only four games left in a season that held so much promise once but has been gutted fairly completely by a 2-7 run over the last three conference series. This piece could be a complaint about last weekend in Morgantown where the defense was atrocious, the offense was bad (but had some bright spots), and the bullpen was not great and very poorly managed. Instead I'll just preview the Texas State game.

Lukas Schiraldi returns to the mound tonight after a pretty ineffective outing on Sunday against WVU. Texas is still in pretty good shape for an NCAA tournament appearance so long as they don't finish 0-4. But a 3-seed in Fort Worth would be pretty hollow considering how the season looked before the TCU series.

Maybe the weekend off did the baseball team some good. Hopefully Dillon Peters is healthy again. Maybe they'll start hitting like they were after the Kansas series.

First pitch is at 6 PM, this'll be your open thread. Hook 'em.