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Texas football posts average multiyear APR in Big 12 for football

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Once again, the future looks brighter than the past.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The latest multiyear academic progress reports are out across the NCAA and the Texas Longhorns posted an average score in the football program for the Big 12:

Still, the news at Texas is better than the news at Oklahoma State, where the Cowboys will reportedly lose one practice day per week for falling nine hundredths of a point before the acceptable four-year APR threshold. The Fighting Gundys are not, however, expected to suffer a postseason ban.

Last year, Mike Gundy expressed frustration that football players who leave in the spring to prepare for the NFL Draft were counted against him, one of the loopholes in the rating system that has made it difficult for other programs as well, especially those that consistently produce NFL prospects.

Shifting the focus back to Austin, the Texas football program did achieve a perfect score in 2012-13, with the multiyear score tied for the highest in program history with 2008-09.

The future looks promising for the Horns, too, as Charlie Strong backs up his talk about academics and succeeding in the classroom with results:

At Texas, Strong and his staff have already spent more time working with the academic support staff, holding weekly meetings and taking it upon themselves to go to classrooms and spot check whether the football players are in attendance and at the front of the class where they are supposed to be sitting.

The hope for the fall is that the assistance from the football coaching staff will provide even more backbone to the academic support staff itself, which faltered on its own at the end of the Mack Brown era, despite the score increase last year.

Much of that blame was laid squarely at the feet of associate athletic director/football Brian Davis, whose staff allowed offensive tackle Kennedy Estelle, wide receiver Daje Johnson, and running back Jalen Overstreet to slide into academic ineligibility last fall.

And despite the recent alleged improprieties regarding purchase orders by executive senior associate athletics director for student services Randa Ryan from the store that she co-owns with her husband, the APR scores from the sports that Ryan oversees are fantastic, including a perfect score of 1,000 from the men's basketball program.

In fact, it's the seventh straight year that the men's basketball program has achieved a perfect score, a pretty incredible run of academic achievement. Baseball, men's tennis, and volleyball also received public recognition awards for their success. The women's volleyball program also achieved a perfect score.