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Is Texas backing away from USC transfer QB Max Wittek?

Say, what?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from the Austin American-Statesman citing a source close to the situation, the Texas Longhorns are backing away from USC Trojans back-up quarterback Max Wittek.

Horns247 also confirmed the report, as did ESPN's Joe Schad.

The reasons for head coach Charlie Strong and the Horns backing away from Wittek were undisclosed to the Statesman and have not yet made their way beyond the paywalls, as Inside Texas also has some information ($) about what is going down between Texas and Wittek. The big quarterback was thought to be a lock to end up in Austin after taking three visits during the spring compared to only one other visit to Hawai'i.

And Wittek says he doesn't know anything about Texas backing away:

It may be a little bit of time until the real information emerges here, but Wittek still has some time as long as he can graduate -- he wouldn't necessarily have to enroll for the summer session. It would set him back if he couldn't enroll until the fall, but the spring game was proof positive that Texas needs another quarterback, preferably one with experience that could play if David Ash isn't healthy or can't stay healthy.

Whatever is going on, it seems unlikely that any of this could be about a lack of need from the Texas end.