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Pooooooor Aggies

Texas jumped out to a huge early lead against Little Brother and never looked back to jump into the winner's bracket of the Houston Regional.

Go Home, Ags.
Go Home, Ags.

During the bottom of the 8th inning this afternoon, with the Texas Longhorns leading the Fightin' Texas Aggies by a score of 7-1 that wasn't as close as it looked, the ESPNU announcers continued their game-long trend of talking about how great SEC baseball is. And I'm willing to give that conference its due; 10 out of 14 teams receiving bids to the Tournament, five of those serving as hosts and another one on the borderline of doing so, makes for one heck of a conference.

But color commentator Ben McDonald then chimed in, "but of course that's not to say Texas isn't better than Texas A&M. They are, and they have been all day." That, friends, is the finest summary of Texas A&M's departure from the Big 12 for the SEC you'll ever hear. The next time an Aggie says something to you along the lines of "How's the Big 12? Hee haw!" just remember the wise words of the former All-American pitcher.

Aggies' bragging about the SEC's current dominion over college football and baseball is based on truth, as far as it goes; but they're puffing out their chests over the accomplishments (in baseball) of Florida, LSU, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and all the other SEC schools that didn't just barely sneak into the Tournament. The SEC is a better baseball league than the Big 12--but of course that's not to say Texas isn't better than Texas A&M. They are, and they have been for over a century.

With the 8-1 laugher, which started with Brooks Marlow going yard in Texas' first NCAA Tournament at-bat since 2011, Texas' all-time record against the Aggies is a very competitive 241-132-5. Let's call this your celebration thread for both tonight's Rice-George Mason Game, and tomorrow's losers' bracket game between the Ags and the RU-GMU loser. I'll have a new thread up for Texas' winners' bracket game tomorrow evening. This can also be your Pooooooor Aggies celebration thread. Hook 'em!