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Did Texas DC Vance Bedford take a shot at Johnny Football on Twitter?

The Ags got riled up on Sunday night.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Excuse Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Vance Bedford if he's still getting used to this Twitter thing -- he'd only tweeted 225 times as of late Sunday evening.

Most of them are pretty innocuous. The former Longhorn defensive back sent out a string of pictures of Texas greats a few weeks ago, but his musings this weekend were a little bit more controversial.

Since there tend to be exceptions to most generalizations, regardless of how accurate they are, it wasn't hard to point out a few.

Nope, that wasn't too hard at all.

Not sure if that is related to the previous tweet or the following tweet, but it does make the following tweet a little bit more interesting.

Well, technically Manziel has been playing backyard ball since high school and managed to translate it from one level to another, though the leap from college to the NFL is certainly much more significant. Point being -- that accusation has been leveled at Manziel before and he proved those people (like myself) wrong before, so there is some cause for caution here when questioning his ability to make the jump.

And Manziel has spent time working with quarterback coaches like George Whitfield, so he's not completely oblivious to the need for fine-tuning certain elements of his game.

Time to back away?

Starting to back away, but first -- detour!

Texas also opens with North Texas...

But back to the whole Manziel thing.

Maybe the backyard football thing wasn't a shot at Manziel, necessarily, but it's not hard to see how Aggies took offense to the notion that their Heisman-winning quarterback will now have to learn the nuances of the position despite how often he was able to dominate opposing defenses in college.

Time for a full retraction?

Eh, not really. And back around we go. Tweeting is a flat circle?

For bonus fun, pull up Bedford's mentions and have a look.