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Daily Round Up: It Is A Texas Revival!

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Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports
Disclaimer: Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something written by a 13-year-old, a so-called sports journalist or Clay Travis (is there really any difference between those options?). Read at your own peril.

It is a Texas revival! [ESPN]

WE finally beat Kansas at something related to basketball. [KU Sports]

Everyone is expecting big things from Texas basketball. [San Antonio Express-News]

The Oregon Ducks got their Alamo Bowl rings. [Bleacher Report]

Texas AD Steve Patterson has  news and updates for everyone. [Texas Sports]

Big 12

For just pennies a day you can help end the suffering in Lawrence.

The Land Thieves are expanding. [News9]

Art Briles will cut anyone's throat to win a game. [Lubbock Online]

Several Big 12 coaches landed on Sporting News' best coaches list. [San Antonio Express-News]