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Reports: Texas Longhorns WRs Kendall Sanders, Montreal Meander charged with sexual assault

Almost a month after the initial report, the players have been charged.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns will most likely be without junior wide receiver Kendall Sanders and freshman wide receiver Montrel Meander for an extended period of time after both were charged with sexual assault, a second-degree felony, according to the Austin American-Statesman and Horns247.

Bail has been set at $75,000 for those charges, while Sanders has an additional bail of $20,000 for a charge of unwanted photography. According to the Statesman, the players have not yet been arrested after the charges came down on Thursday morning.

It's not the first time that Sanders has run afoul of the law, as he was suspended for the 2013 season opener against New Mexico State after he was charged with a DWI in College Station.

The school later announced suspensions for the players:

And the statement from Strong:

The Statesman initially reported the investigation into the incident, but did not name the players because they had not yet been charged.

Here are the details:

The alleged victim told police she came back from Sixth Street and agreed to engage consensual sex with Menader, according to court documents. Then, Sanders knocked on the door and was allowed in by Meander.

Sanders began taking off his clothes while Mender went into the bathroom, and the alleged victim said she did not want to have sex with him, the court documents state. Sanders got in bed anyway and forced himself on the alleged victim.

"Sanders told the victim she would like it and that it is going to feel good," the affidavit states. The documents go into graphic detail how Sanders had sex with the alleged victim, which included vagial and anal intercouse.

At some point, Meander came back into the room and the two players "forcibly penetrated the victim" together. At that point, the alleged victim said she no longer wanted to have sex with Meander.

The charges are the second such incident Texas players have faced in the last year and a half after linebacker Jordan Hicks and former quarterback Case McCoy were investigated but not charged before the 2012 Alamo Bowl against Oregon State in San Antonio after bringing a woman back to their hotel room.

In terms of on-field impact, Sanders was expected to step into a larger role in the Texas offense this season following the departure of Mike Davis as one of the potential big-play threats on the team. He caught 37 balls for 361 yards and one touchdown last season, but had one of the lowest per-catch averages for a wide receiver in the conference.

Meander, meanwhile, wasn't expected to play a large role, but did flash in the spring game with a twisting catch down the sidelines from Miles Onyegbule and was expected to eventually develop into a credible deep threat.

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