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Did UT contact a former high school QB and regular college kid about walking on?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

A rumor is circulating online that Jimmy Greenwood, a Texas student and former Kinkaid Falcons quarterback, was contacted by Texas coaches about walking on the Longhorns football team.

The rumor, which was posted on Orangebloods and a few other sites, says that Greenwood is just a regular college student and fraternity member who the coaching staff recently reached out to about adding depth at the QB position.

From Orangebloods poster HornsAddict:

Jimmy Greenwood has been added to the team. From Kinkaid. He was approached by the coaching staff and is a current SAE. Just regular college student. He is just a sophomore.

Film of Greenwood in high school:

According to someone close to Greenwood, the report is semi-accurate. Greenwood joined the team this week, but they couldn't confirm whether or not he was contacted by coaches or simply walked-on. He is not on the online roster yet.

Texas walk-ons Dylan Haines (Ed. note: Haines is now on scholarship) and Ty Templin have both worked their way into the rotation this year. Walk-ons didn't play during the Mack Brown regime, but with limited depth at the QB position, another walk-on quarterback will be vital to cushion the roster.

No word yet if his parents have filed a trademark claim for "Jimmy Football."