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Did Texas WR John Harris provide Baylor more bulletin board material?

Once a one-sided affair, the reversal in fortunes has heightened tensions

Ronald Martinez

The Texas Longhorns are the underdogs by more than two touchdowns in the early betting lines against the Baylor Bears, but senior wide receiver John Harris may have provided some more bulletin board material for the Bears.

"They're still Baylor," said Harris. "Just because they started playing better, that's good for them. We're still Texas."

Unfortunately, saying that Baylor is still Baylor doesn't mean the same thing that it did a few years ago. And neither does saying that Texas is still Texas, beyond the fact that the uniforms for both teams will confirm that fact when they face off on Saturday.

Beyond the literal, Baylor is not still Baylor. And Texas is not still Texas.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the once one-sided rivalry that tilted heavily in favor of Texas has now shifted in the opposite direction. Baylor is coming off the school's first Big 12 title and a BCS appearance, while Texas is struggling for in-state relevancy.

At this point, the "We're Texas" thing isn't such a good look:

But the comments from Harris were actually relatively benign compared to what senior linebacker Steve Edmond said after the Orange-White game during the spring.

"I really don't like Baylor," said Edmond. "I think they're trash. Y'all think I'm funny, but I'm serious. They have some good players...But I don't understand how we lost to Baylor. Baylor gets a win and act like they haven't won before. They won it, so what? They still suck to me."

Teams coached by Art Briles don't seem to need much extra motivation and Texas players have now provided two quotes worthy of bulletin board material.

Maybe the Horns should just keep their mouths shut about it and spend their time trying to reverse the momentum in a series that will likely see Baylor notch a fourth win in five years.